Getting the Help You Need

In order to find balance in your life, you will likely need help from others at different points in your journey as a caregiver. Don’t wait until a crisis arises or you can no longer cope with the situation; it’s best to plan ahead and get help before you find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

Family and friends are often willing to help, but they don’t know what to do. Try to be specific when asking: “Could you take Bill to the doctor on Thursday afternoon? or “Could you do the grocery shopping for us this week if I give you a list?” Teenagers are an often overlooked source of inexpensive help with house-related tasks like light cleaning, yard work, and running neighborhood errands.

Many community organizations have respite programs. Respite care frees the caregiver for other tasks, such as shopping, or for social activities and leisure time. Some other services that community organizations commonly provide include:

  • Homemaker services – help with household chores
  • Home health care – help your loved one with activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, etc.
  • Nutrition services – hot meal delivery
  • Transportation – vans to doctor appointments, shopping, meal programs, etc.